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Origin Story

Our namesake, Zeta Leonis, is the seventh most brilliant star visible in the Leo, one of the oldest constellations. As a leo born in August, this star has special significance to the artist Paula Romero. Built upon the success of the introductory line of meticulously beaded jewelry, Fire of Joy, Paula’s newest project is an ode to individuality and diverse femininity. With the magnificent Colorado sky as a muse, Zeta Leonis relies on the innate brilliance and natural elegance of responsibly sourced metals, stones, and gems as the backbones of every handcrafted collection.

Zeta Leonis is the next chapter of Paula’s artistic vision: born from the lush beauty of her native Ecuador, enriched by expansive travels, and honed in the rugged mountains of Colorado. Paula, who has dedicated the last two years to mastering her metalsmithing craft, understands the value and singularity of each mineral, metal, and gemstone she comes to work with. She aims to highlight this natural magic through pieces which possess raw, timeless beauty. Thoughtfully walking the line between bohemian and edgy, laidback and glamorous, the collections aim to be accessible to everyone and every occasion.

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